[Bug 274760] akonadi crashes when its stopped and when akonadi is running the logout of kde takes ~5-10 seconds longer then without a running akonadi

rauchwolke at gmx.net rauchwolke at gmx.net
Thu Jun 2 19:04:26 CEST 2011


--- Comment #1 from  <rauchwolke gmx net>  2011-06-02 19:04:25 ---
dmesg has lines like this when akonadictl stop is called

akonadi_agent_l[2342]: segfault at 7f6d791bcdd0 ip 00007f6d847f8a08 sp
00007fffa6cda3c8 error 4 in libQtGui.so.4.7.3[7f6d843f9000+a65000]

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