[Bug 267483] akonadi silently not syncing on reboot or resume from suspend to disk

Rigo Wenning rigo at w3.org
Mon Dec 5 08:14:48 UTC 2011


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--- Comment #10 from Rigo Wenning <rigo w3 org>  2011-12-05 08:14:48 ---
I experience a more general synchronization failure. I have my sent-mail folder
on the IMAP resource. Kmail2 says the folder contains 2307 messages. But it
doesn't display them all. It displays only about half of them. Looking with
mutt on the imap-folder reveals that it misses 5 month of email. I assume the
mysql table has been wrecked by something (I renamed a folder because of
another issue). I assume I have to re-create the nepomuk/akonadi metadata. But
how can I do that for a specific folder without destroying all the metadata.
And why is akonadi synchronizing but kmail2 not displaying well? Looks like the
optimizations got a bit too far and now it doesn't touch its index anymore.

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