[Bug 246758] DAVgroupwareResource not selectable/manageable

Ingo Ratsdorf ingo at envirology.co.nz
Thu Sep 23 06:30:26 CEST 2010


--- Comment #11 from Ingo Ratsdorf <ingo envirology co nz>  2010-09-23 06:30:24 ---
Hi Grégory,

that sounds like a good explenation. Problem is that I have updated my groupdav
agent already to the latest version which does not compile because of the
missing header files.
On machine 1, I tried to revert back to a previous version, but that would not
compile either because of missing cmake module kcfg_generate_dbus_interface. No
idea why this is missing all of a sudden...
On machine 2, I noticed just now that also CMakeLists.txt in the resource
directory is now gone but XMakeLists.txt in the base directory still is empty
apart from a reference to include CMakeLists.txt in the resource directory,
which was deleted by cgiboudeaux in revision 1163520 on 14/08/2010.
How the h***** is that to compile?
But maybe I am just too stupid for SVN...

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