[Bug 237296] 'Start of Line' regular expression search fails

Sabine Faure sabine at kdab.net
Tue May 11 22:18:36 CEST 2010


--- Comment #1 from Sabine Faure <sabine kdab net>  2010-05-11 22:18:36 ---
The same thing happens with the 'end of line' functionality:
- Launch Kmail
- Click on 'New' button
- In the text editor, type:
*hello test
*test (without going to the next line afterward)
- Go to Edit menu/Find...
- A 'Find Text' dialogue opens. In it check the Regular expression' check box,
click on the 'Edit...' button and select 'End of Line' from the combo box
- a '$' is displayed in the 'Text to find:' line edit
- Before it add 'test'
- Click on the 'Find' button
- The last line is found and highlighted
- Press F3 to search for other matches
- A pop up message appears saying: '1 match found.'

Whatever you do only that match is shown whereas they are other matches
according to the list.

Trunk, Svn Rev 1125510

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