[Bug 236597] New: add a lock command for messages

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Thu May 6 18:58:44 CEST 2010


           Summary: add a lock command for messages
           Product: kmail
           Version: 1.13.2
          Platform: Ubuntu Packages
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
        AssignedTo: kdepim-bugs at kde.org
        ReportedBy: valtermura at gmail.com

Version:           1.13.2 (using KDE 4.4.3)
OS:                Linux
Installed from:    Ubuntu Packages

I would like to see, together with other tags for messages, such as mark
read/unread/important/spam and so on, a command to "lock / unlock" a message,
preserving it from being deleted (usually accidentally).

this should be particularly useful for important messages that users wants to
keep well preserved.

Also, the "state of locking" could be marked with little icon such as a small
lock... :-)

Best regards

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