[Bug 185681] kmail deletes seenUidList -> mail download doublettes (error #3 described below)

reisenweber at web.de reisenweber at web.de
Fri Mar 12 12:33:20 CET 2010


--- Comment #2 from  <reisenweber web de>  2010-03-12 12:33:19 ---
problem persists on kmail-1.12.2 / Kontact-4.3.2

every once in a while internet connectivity is interrupted by e.g. 24h forced
disconnect just the moment while kmail is waiting for response from
pop3-server. Result is an "empty"
.kde/share/kmail/<user>@<serverdomain>:@pop.<serverdomain>:995 file as
described above.

attached a script to invoke in kmail's account-extended-prefetchCmd settings,
to catch the situation and recover in a somewhat sane way


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