[Bug 225602] Kmail is extremely slow and uses CPU without any reason

Thomas McGuire mcguire at kde.org
Tue Mar 2 23:11:21 CET 2010


--- Comment #11 from Thomas McGuire <mcguire kde org>  2010-03-02 23:11:07 ---
> I can try to find out how to use GDB. It is installed at my machine and it 
> this should be a good way to finbd out the reason that makes my machine slow.

Ok, this is how you use GDB for this:

1. Attach GDB to the KMail process:
gdb --pid `pidof kmail`
2. When GDB is done attaching, it has interrupted the application. Type
"continue" to let it continue.
3. Press Ctrl+C at any time time to interrupt the application, and type
"continue" again to let it continue
4. When KMail is interrupted, type "backtrace" to get a backtrace. That will
show you in which code path KMail currently is. If you manage to interrupt
KMail when it is using CPU, the backtrace should show which function uses the
CPU and how it is called.
Try interrupting KMail several times, when it is using CPU. If the backtraces
have similar function names, then those functions are likely the ones using the
CPU. If you manage to find a backtrace that's nearly always the same when KMail
is using CPU, post it here.

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