[Bug 223139] Old contact information from KDE 4.3 was not imported into kaddressbook

Diederik van der Boor mail-kdebugs at codingdomain.com
Wed Jan 20 00:24:37 CET 2010


Diederik van der Boor <mail-kdebugs at codingdomain.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Diederik van der Boor <mail-kdebugs codingdomain com>  2010-01-20 00:24:35 ---
> Do you use the standard address book or have you configured any other additional resources?
None additionally, I can only remember seeing two resources (standard kresource
and akonadi resource) with KDE 4.3

> Does the executable 'kaddressbookmigrator' exists in your installation?

> Does the directory ~/.local/share/contacts/ exists and howmany files are stored there?
Currently all my contacts, because I've imported them in akonadi.

> If you start the application 'akonadiconsole' and select the first tab,
which entries are listed there?
- nepomuk
- mail dispatcher agent
- zanshin-todo.ics
- local folders (mail I guess, judging from the icon)
- std.vcf
- birthdays

Could it be possible the migration didn't happen because I apparently already
added some contacts to the akonadi resource instead of old kresource?

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