[Bug 226320] Distribution lists not converted

Mark van ROssum mvanross at inf.ed.ac.uk
Sun Feb 28 00:38:42 CET 2010


--- Comment #2 from Mark van ROssum <mvanross inf ed ac uk>  2010-02-28 00:38:41 ---
I wrote this awk script to extract the list that links id-numbers with email
(First export the old addressbook as addressbook.vcf and 
 run 'dos2unix addressbook.vcf' on it)

It should be relatively simple to use this as a substitution table
in the distribution list entries.

awk '
# Records are separated by blank lines.
# Each line is one field.
# first run dos2unix on addressbook.vcf
BEGIN { RS = "" ; FS="\n" }
    n=split($0,x,"\n"); # array x[i]
    for (i = 1;  i<= NF ; i++){
        if (x[i] ~ /EMAIL/) e=x[i]         
        if (x[i] ~ /UID/) u=x[i]
    print ee[2]," ", uu[2]  

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