[Bug 237361] Mailing list created from KMail is empty

Mathias mathias at public-ip.org
Sat Dec 18 15:02:28 CET 2010


--- Comment #7 from Mathias <mathias public-ip org>  2010-12-18 15:02:28 ---
and, to be more precise about the inconsistency in my case:
some of my distribution lists are working (showing me the addresses belonging
to it) within kmail-composer, others within kaddressbook. but as you might
expect - they are never identical: the ones working in kmail are empty in A/B,
and the other way around. 
how to produce an empty list: "save list" in kmail-composer if more than one
address field is present, or
within kaddressbook: ok, since there is no obvious possibility to add a bunch
of existing addresses to a group, I copy an  existing (and working) group from
the "resource" or the "Personal Contacts" addressbook to the default one, the
"Adress Book". If I paste it there, the contacts in the group are present for
half a second (they are shown in the right part of the window), then they just

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