[Bug 139293] Subfolders not inheriting parent identity setting

George Metaxas gmetal31 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 21:43:59 CET 2010


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--- Comment #2 from George Metaxas <gmetal31 gmail com>  2010-12-17 21:43:58 ---
I do not think that the default identity is assigned to the subfolder (at least
not anymore). I think that this bug is (at least with the trunk version) a
matter of changing the wording of the "Use default identity" checkbox. I tried
the following:
- Two identities (one the default)
- Two DIMAP accounts, each assigned a different identity.
I then added a subfolder to a folder of each of the accounts and proceeded to
check the folder properties. Indeed, in the folder properties dialog, the "Use
default identity" checkbox was checked in both cases. However, in the Sender
identity combo, the displayed identity was different. After investigating the
code which controls this dialog, it appears that the Sender identity combo box,
takes its value (irrespective of whether it is grayed out or not) from the
identity assigned to the subfolder. In conclusion, I think that renaming the
"Use default identity" checkbox to something like: "Use Account Identity" will
be sufficient.

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