[Bug 251617] Use identity for an Imap account not implemented

Sabine Faure sabine at kdab.net
Thu Dec 2 18:10:15 CET 2010


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--- Comment #4 from Sabine Faure <sabine kdab net>  2010-12-02 18:10:11 ---
I retested this today and it seems worse than before: the original bug is back
just like in the description.

Whatever the user does it is always Identity A that is selected by default.

It seems that the steps of the description have changed a little so here are
new steps to retest:

Prerequisite: having selected a default identity in the Configure dialogue (ex:
Identity A) in Main window (Home) -> Open 'Actions' tab -> Identities.

- Launch Kmail-mobile
- Click on your Imap resource (NOT on your imap resource inbox!)
- Open the 'Actions' tab
- Click on 'Account'
- click on 'Account Properties'
- Scroll down and click on the 'Identity' button
- If checked by default uncheck the 'Use default identity'
- Select a different identity (ex: Identity B) than the one you have entered as
the default one in Identities (Main window (Home) -> Open 'Actions' tab ->
- Click on 'Ok'
- Click on 'Write new Email' button

The composer should display the Imap resource identity selected by the user
(Identiy B) and not the default one (Identity A).

N900, 4:4.6~20101202.1202765-1maemo1.1202581

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