[Bug 168327] Knode trashes articles when using UTF-16 encoding

Olivier Trichet nive at nivalis.org
Wed May 13 20:58:26 CEST 2009


--- Comment #2 from Olivier Trichet <nive nivalis org>  2009-05-13 20:58:23 ---
Hello Michael,

I just did the same test as you (actually I reply to your test message) and I
admit it was weird, but I think the result was ok.

I says it's ok because the body of the sent message was really the UTF-16 body
that was send ; and knode read it.
Please note that the view source option decodes the message as a full us-ascii
message, and because you sent the message with a 8bit transfer encoding, this
is why you only garbage there.

Anyways, I'm still unsure if it's a bug and what would be the bug here. Sending
UTF-16 is a really strange idea.

As for the header view where only "Mickeal" was shown, I suspect this is a
problem on the server side.

PS : I did the test with a pre-KDE 4.3 release.

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