[Bug 169166] KMail loses email accounts and their settings at KDE logout

Rainer Merz rainer.merz at ipe.uni-stuttgart.de
Sun Jan 4 13:59:37 CET 2009


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--- Comment #6 from Rainer Merz <rainer merz ipe uni-stuttgart de>  2009-01-04 13:59:36 ---
I have the same problem since I use KDE4 on Mandriva 2009. Kmail waits some
time for opening kwallet then it asks for all passwords all the time when Kmail
is looking for new mails. Then after restarting kde to get the passworddialog
for kwallet again and Kmail still is waiting for access I type the password for
kwallet but all accounts are deleted. Only possiblitiy to solve the problem is
restoring kmailrc from a backup. The problem would be not as bad if kmail would
wait infinit for getting access to kwallet. I have the problem everytime i have
to leave after starting the notebook and When I'm back I want to read mails and
not to restart Kmail and save kmailrc from a backup. 

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