[Bug 87140] shortcut keys are forgotten when filters are edited

usnay12345 at isomedia.com usnay12345 at isomedia.com
Wed Jan 23 02:57:30 CET 2008

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------- Additional Comments From usnay12345 isomedia com  2008-01-23 02:57 -------
> Please set the shortcuts in the filter configuration dialog. 
> Setting them via Configure Shortcuts does not work due to
> technical limitations of the KDE 3.x kdelibs.

Since this is still (KDE 3.5.8, KMAIL 1.9.6) being regularly tripped over by users (such as myself), perhaps Configure Shortcuts could be adjusted to tell the user that s/he needs to use the filter configuration dialog to set this shortcut, instead of allowing the user to set the shortcut, lose the shortcut, repeat a couple of times, then report a duplicate bug.

Or perhaps assign a default shortcut for the Spam/Not spam filters, since that seems to be a popular thing to do.  I use the Pause key for Spam, but I'm more concerned that there is some key, not that it has to be that particular key.

Also, will this be fixed so it works in Configure Shortcuts in KDE 4?


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