[Bug 44378] sent-mail folder corruption when appending mails (solaris, nfs)

Matthias Grossmann matthias.grossmann at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Sat Apr 26 11:19:20 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From matthias.grossmann informatik uni-stuttgart de  2008-04-26 12:19 -------
The attached file kmailtest.cpp contains a code snippet from 
KMFolderMbox::addMsg (kmfoldermbox.cpp) with some debug output. Test run on 

matthias kermit:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ echo Test > test.mbox
matthias kermit:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ ./kmailtest
1: 5
2: 3
3: 5 740a
4: 6
matthias kermit:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ cat test.mbox

matthias kermit:~/Programmieren/c++/test$

This works as expected. Test run on Solaris:

matthias statler:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ echo Test > test.mbox
matthias statler:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ ./kmailtest 
1: 5
2: 3
3: 5 740a
4: -8184
matthias statler:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ cat test.mbox 

matthias statler:~/Programmieren/c++/test$ 

Shows the last-char-duplicated-behavior. The result of the last call to 
ftell() looks invalid. I think the reason is that a fread() on mStream is 
directly followed by fwrite(), and that Solaris requires a file positioning 
function between them as described in the fopen man page. Enabling the no-op 
fseek in kmailtest.cpp makes the test program work on Solaris as expected.

I ran the tests in local directories as well as NFS mounted ones. The results 
are the same, so this problem does not appear to be NFS specific.

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