[Bug 31951] line length in Kmail does not scale with window size

LĂ©onard G leonard.gerard at sophia.inria.fr
Sat Apr 19 13:52:55 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From leonard.gerard sophia inria fr  2008-04-19 14:52 -------
you are wrong, the bug still partially exists ( but now not with every messages )

When replying or inline forwarding a message, the quoted text gets wrapped, when some conditions i haven't really been able to highlight are met. It seems that usually it happens when the original message was an html one, and/or with some underlining or color, and/or when the message contains several replies.

When the warpping occurs, i have found a work around : i select the text of the message i want to reply/forward to, and click reply/forward. In this way everything works fine. But it's still a pain to have to do this, especially that Ctrl-a select the header that i don't want to quote.

Perhaps should i open a new bug ? since it seems it is a bug in the resolution of this bug ?

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