[Bug 160990] Page up/down scrolls message content pane too far when there are attachments

Chris Pimlott kde.0 at chris.pimlott.net
Fri Apr 18 21:35:42 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From kde.0 chris pimlott net  2008-04-18 22:35 -------
Some updates - this is referring to the message preview pane of the main window, not the message content pane of an individual message window.

Secondly, I have noticed the amount of lines scrolls (and thus lines skipped) varies depending on the size of the message preview pane.  I have uploaded three screenshots showing the amount of space scrolled for a single page-down with three different message preview pane sizes.

Lastly, a similar effect occurs if there are no attachments (and thus no attachments pane); however, in this situation there is enough "padding" that no lines are actually skipped.  E.g., with the message preview pane sized as in the first screenshot, 5 lines are repeated; with the pane sized similar to the third screenshot, around 1.5 lines are repeated.

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