[Bug 107055] Preview of message with large (~10MB) attachement last very long

Boris DuĊĦek borisdusek at cmail.cz
Sun Apr 13 09:53:50 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From borisdusek cmail cz  2008-04-13 10:53 -------
No, since I am dealing with very short emails with large attachments. The bug you are referring is, as far as I can tell, dealing with large emails (i.e. those with large text of the email itself).

Also second difference is that I did not experience a crash, just a delay (like KMail was scanning the whole attachment). But maybe an attachment large enough would cause a crash, but I did not experience that (as far as I remember, the largest attachment I got was something like 10MB, not near to the 80MB referred in the bug you are referring).

Since attachments don't get displayed, there is no reason why they should delay the display of the text of the message (or browsing the message list).

I am no longer using KMail, so I can't tell how it behaves in newer versions.

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