[Bug 95064] Duplicates messages in imap folder after filtering

Joshua Charles Campbell wz at wza.us
Sat Apr 12 16:04:58 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From wz wza us  2008-04-12 17:04 -------
Try this: 

1. Disable all filtering on new mail
2. check the mail (you now see the messages that keep getting duplicated in your inbox)
3. and check again (they should not duplicate anymore)
4. move all messages out of your inbox
5. check again (they should not reappear)
6. copy a "dummy" message into your inbox
7. check again (only the "dummy" message you copied should be there)
--- Note: This step seems to be the important one; skip it and the dummy message will be treated as new and filtered/duplicated?  This step should upload the dummy message to the server.
8. check yet again, nothing should change
9. re-enable filtering on new messages
10. send yourself an email / recieve some new spam / etc.
11. check your email - the new message should appear in the folder that the filter moves it to (i.e. spam, ham, whatever) and the "dummy" should remain in your inbox
12. check your email again - the new message you sent yourself may not be duplicated!

Something like this worked for me -- I believe the problem happens when the local version of the inbox is empty AND the imap cache of the inbox is empty AND the remote imap folder is NOT empty AND filtering is enabled.

Does this work for anyone else?

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