[Bug 79559] language definition for spell checking

Ronaldo Reis JĂșnior chrysopa at insecta.ufv.br
Wed Apr 9 11:35:32 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From chrysopa insecta ufv br  2008-04-09 12:35 -------
I agree the comment #5 and #1. Kmail has a on-the-fly spell check, but don't change the language on the fly. If I start a mail and my language is defined as portuguese and I writing in English, I cant change my language to spell check on-the-fly work with this new language. The new language work in the the spell check window, but not on the spell check on-the-fly. Now I try to look how to make the on-the-fly check to change and it not change.

Unfortunately the spell check on-the-fly in KDE programs is very precarious compared with others systems like thunderbird, firefox, emacs, etc.

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