[Bug 158689] Crashes when checking 2 (d-)imap accounts

Gunter Ohrner kdebugs at CustomCDROM.de
Wed Apr 2 14:19:32 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From kdebugs CustomCDROM de  2008-04-02 15:19 -------
I found the reson for my crash (reported as 160254, sorry for the duplicate - I somehow missed this existing report).

I'm using a Dovecot 1.0 server with maildir storage.
The problem have been two completely empty message files, zero bytes in size, which appeared this morning. I'm still trying to find the cause for these files, however removing them fixed the DIMAP crash.

I noticed the files as kMail briefly displayed both as messages dated 01-01-1970 when accessing the folder using a normal imap account configuration. (No dimap.)

Maybe this information helps in tracking down and fixing the bug, maybe there's some division by zero occuring in the code?

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