[Bug 160212] Kontact crashes when starting up

Manuel Gaus manuel.gaus at web.de
Wed Apr 2 04:56:50 BST 2008

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------- Additional Comments From manuel.gaus web de  2008-04-02 05:56 -------
> > this is a well known bug about binary attachments.
> > the bug is deep in the 3rd party libical library.
> i am absolutely certain to have no binary attachments for callendar events
> or to-dos.

erm... not so certain actually... I created a to-do entry from an email, this 
added a binary attachment to the to-do entry.

> > try starting korganizer by itself first
> that does not work as the traceback of korganizer indicates, which i added
> to the bugreport.
> > find calendar events and to-dos with binary attachments
> > and remove the attachments from them.
> > then restart.

luckily the .ics files i found under /home/$user/.kde/share/apps/korganizer 
are human readable. So I found the violating entry, and deleted it. 
Everything is fine again.

Thanks a lot for taking care of this nonetheless...



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