[Bug 95064] Duplicates messages in imap folder after filtering

John Andersen jsa at pen.homeip.net
Fri Sep 21 22:58:11 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From jsa pen homeip net  2007-09-21 23:58 -------
> It seems this bug has been around for about 3 three years.

Yes, at least that long.  Its clear none of the developers use IMAP.

It gets ignored, because as soon as someone hits this page via google they figure out that turning off Kmail spam filters seems to solve the problem, and
they go about their business and forget about it.

It takes a long time to track down this bug, but the end result is that KMAIL is duplicating the mail, and the duplicates REALLY do exist and are sent back to the imap server chewing up space, bandwidth, and time.

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