[Bug 149432] consume too much hard disc

vonbirn at web.de vonbirn at web.de
Tue Sep 4 10:47:32 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From vonbirn web de  2007-09-04 11:47 -------
I have the same issue. KMail opens up new kio_pop3 processes but doesn't close the old ones. That consumes all the RAM (1 GB) and all the swap space (500 MB). I have 6 accounts and I'm using KMail 1.9.6 Enterprise version.

When I quit KMail all kio_pop3 processes are terminated, too. And that frees a lot of RAM/Swap. But the issue returns when I start KMail again.

Killing kio_pop3 processes manually helps , too, but is not a real alternative.

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