[Bug 149334] Manual and automatical POP3 jobs get in conflict; automatical job requests the password each turn

Friedrich W.H.Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Sat Sep 1 20:13:19 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From kossebau kde org  2007-09-01 21:13 -------
This bug is even worse. After a few hours I found that there were no new emails in any folder, even if the progressbar some times showed "Download of xx finished". Just looked by the web interface of my email account, found relief, since the start of this KMail instance no emails were moved, all still on the server. Instead there are a bunch of kio_pop3 processes hanging around on my system, "ps x | grep pop3" showed:

 7064 ?        S      0:00 kio_pop3 [kdeinit] pop3 /tmp/ksocket-kossebau/klauncherNpjWIb.s
 7139 ?        S      0:00 kio_pop3 [kdeinit] pop3 /tmp/ksocket-kossebau/klauncherNpjWIb.s
 7140 ?        S      0:00 kio_pop3 [kdeinit] pop3 /tmp/ksocket-kossebau/klauncherNpjWIb.s
[some 90 or so of these more]

They vanished after I closed KMail. So KMail looses control somewhere of the kio_pop3 job?

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