[Bug 149413] Fetching emails with POP3 is a noop

Friedrich W.H.Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Sat Sep 1 15:58:40 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From kossebau kde org  2007-09-01 16:58 -------
"dcop kmail ConnectionManager slotStatusChanged 8" tricked KMail to feel online, at least. The same works with the konquerors instances. Strange enough they don't get triggered if I unplug and replug the network cable. I could monitor by "dcop kded networkstatus status something" that the demon knows about the state, going to 6, then 7 and finally 8 again. But both KMail and the Konqueror instances ignore that.

Looking at connectionmanager.cpp in both 3.5 and enterprise branch I also see ConnectionManager::updateStatus() is a noop. And

NetworkStatus::EnumStatus ConnectionManager::status( const QString & host )
        if ( d->m_state == Inactive )
                return NetworkStatus::NoNetworks;
                return NetworkStatus::Offline;

looks strange to me, too. Should the last line not query the networkstatus demon?

Then there is still the detail that "status" asked for arguments. Bille said on IRC that "kdelibs3-3.5.7-64.1 (10.2)" doesn't do that, like it is supposed to do. Perhaps kdelibs is borked in recent versions? See also the number 0 in the message "Not enough arguments (expected 0, got 0)"!

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