[Bug 139511] SUSE 10.2 Handspring Visor Synchronization

Markus mk_cactus at gmx.de
Wed Mar 28 21:43:08 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From mk_cactus gmx de  2007-03-28 22:43 -------
I can confirm this bug for my system:

- Handheld: Handspring Visor Platinum, PalmOS 3.5.2H1.5
- Distribution: Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft
- kpilot version 4.6.0

I didn't check above settings in detail but the scenario is the same: Visor and Host are connected and the handheld is recognised by the system when I press the hotsync button.

Visor complains about lost connection while kpilot tries to continue sync and hangs ( I assume waiting forever for Data from the handheld?) until I loose patience and send a SIGTERM.

Didn't check the pilot-xfer method yet.

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