[Bug 142233] I get SIGSEV or 11 SIGSEV everytime I try to launch Kontact

Celine Desjardins tchellina at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 14 17:37:07 GMT 2007

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------- Additional Comments From tchellina yahoo fr  2007-03-14 18:37 -------
Hi Thomas,

It was not the help that caused problems, but more
likely my brashness at installing stuff I did not know
really well. Grub had worked fine when I installed
Kubuntu and Mepis, but not with Knoppix.

The reason I did not stick with Kubuntu is that I
positively hate this sudo thing and not being able to
modify system file directly in a text editor and
having to go through console, line by line to do it
(for example, setting the fstab info). It ended up
doubling all the information in the file everytime I
touched it.

The problem with Mepis was Kontact and Kmail, and with
Knoppix now, it is Grub that is acting up... But I
shall win this ;-)

Thanks for everything!


--- Thomas McGuire <Thomas.McGuire gmx net> a écrit :

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> ------- Additional Comments From Thomas.McGuire gmx
> net  2007-03-12 22:14 -------
> I am sorry to hear that trying to help with this bug
> report screwed up your system.
> Normally, the MBR shouldn't be overwritten. For
> example, my Kubuntu installation installed a nice
> bootmanager.
> Reinstalling grub (the linux bootmanager) should fix
> this.
> Good luck with Knoppix then!

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