[Bug 142379] Free/Busy URL cannot publish; no tips on how to enter info to make it work

Jeffrey G Thomas eljefedelito at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 20:09:29 GMT 2007

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I've read the Handbook but it doesn't explain anything more than Kolab setups, and I cannot seem to adopt those settings for either a local file, nor NFS mounts, nor for a samba mount.  I have write permissions (full permissions) for everywhere to which I've tried to publish.

Nothing tells me what file extension I should use; the handbook demonstrates .ifb but I have been successful reading other users' .vfb formats (from their Outlook installations).  Yes I did try changing it to .ifb but it didn't solve anything.

I've attached a screenshot if you can tell me what is wrong...

Thank you for your time and help

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