[Bug 147313] 'Mail' opens in new window (outside Kontact) when system tray icon is enabled

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at gmx.net
Thu Jun 28 23:22:52 CEST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From Thomas.McGuire gmx net  2007-06-28 23:22 -------
> Assuming that you have the main Kontact window open, with the icons along
> the left side and (for instance) the Calendar component selected, Kontact
> remains unchanged. The Calendar module stays selected, and a new window
> opens, containing only the mail component, such as if you had run Kmail by
> itself.

Sounds strange. For me, it works correctly. Clicking the system tray icon of 
KMail does the following for me.
- Minimize Kontact if on the current desktop (mail component is selected when 
clicking the icon again and it maximizes)
- Change desktop and switch to the mail component if not on the current 

I've never seen your problem.

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