[Bug 147313] 'Mail' opens in new window (outside Kontact) when system tray icon is enabled

Shante Star sstar at bea.com
Thu Jul 19 23:08:45 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From sstar bea com  2007-07-20 00:08 -------
Well, I just ran into the problem again, and I think I have an answer. Steps 
to reproduce:

First, ensure that the system tray icon is enabled (configure kmail, 
appearance, system tray, "Always show system tray icon". Then:

1) With Kontact and Kmail both not running, start Kmail (either directly, or 
by clicking on a mailto link, etc).
2) Close message, and any open Kmail windows. Leave the system tray icon 
3) Open Kontact again
4) Kontact loads, and opens Kmail separately
5) Close separate kmail window. 

Now, anytime the mail icon is clicked, it will open a new kmail window as 
opposed to embedding kmail within kontact.

It appears to happen whenever Kmail is started by itself, before Kontact 
loads. While Kmail remains open, either by leaving a composer window running, 
or just by the system tray icon, Kontact will reuse that window, as opposed 
to embedding it. 

Hope that helps,

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