[Bug 147792] Composer does not handle unknown characters with incorrect encoding correctly

Hauke Laging hauke at laging.de
Sun Jul 15 14:34:56 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From hauke laging de  2007-07-15 15:34 -------
Sure. I have just removed email addresses. I have modified the file with kate. In kate the problematic charachters look different. There is a space and the next character is deleted. I hope kate has not changed anything to these characters. I have not checked that with a hex editor.

I also attach a screen shot of the reply window. Please note the cursor position. It is positioned at the ("logical") end of the line. Pressing backspace five times erases everything up to (including) the "t". The cursor is displayed two chars before the end of line. In that case it is displayed between the next "t" and the left rectangle. Pressing backspace again erases the right rectangle but does not move he cursor, reducing the difference between "logical" and "physical" end of line to one character.

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