[Bug 140549] templates for forwarding do not work with inline mails

Jonathan Marten jjm at keelhaul.me.uk
Thu Jul 5 17:02:32 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From jjm keelhaul me uk  2007-07-05 18:02 -------
I've checked the suggested fix and it appears to work for both plain and multipart mails.

The template code and parser appears to be working properly, which creates the properly formatted forward message and does a

  mMsg->setBodyFromUnicode( body );

at the end of TemplateParser::processWithTemplate().  I suspect that, in the case of a multipart message, this does not set the same message part that the composer will eventually use.  Haven't investigated this further - the trail leads on into the depths of mimelib, past the "Here be dragons" signs :-)  I believe, though, that mimelib is being replaced for KDE4 which may make the problem moot.

The one-line fix will solve the problem for the one more intended KDE3.5 release.  I suggest it should go in - any objections?

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