[Bug 147440] cannot de-select anti-spam wizard

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at gmx.net
Thu Jul 5 17:02:31 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From Thomas.McGuire gmx net  2007-07-05 18:02 -------
>I already lost important mails because I cannot stop it from filtering.
How did they get lost? Because KMail thought the mail was spam and moved it to the trash? Or because of some IMAP bug like 125084 or bug 134802 (IMAP generally has some serious bugs)?

>no, I select Tools|Anti-Spam wizard and I do not get an option "delete filters". 
Indeed, there should be an option to easily remove the filters the anti-spam wizard creates. That would be a wish, though. Related bugs: Bug 77130, Bug 89222.

Because of this, I think the severity should be changed back to wishlist.

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