[Bug 147465] Cannot handle plus symbols in mailto URI links

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen+bugs at runbox.com
Mon Jul 2 22:11:20 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From aleksandersen+bugs runbox com  2007-07-02 23:11 -------
I have updated KMail to version 1.9.7. The problem still occurs. Plus is being replaced by space.mailto:address%2Btag%40provider.tld

I open mailto URIs from Opera 9.21 with the following arguments (as provided by Opera Software ASA's help section):

kmail [%t] [-cc %c] [-subject %s] [-body %b]

However opening it from KDE's run dialog TVICE fixes the problem. The first time it does not open correctly. Secon time I try from the run dialog it works. I run the following cmomand: mailto:address%2Btag%40provider.tld

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