[Bug 147910] Reply sent when accepting meeting invites from Outlook are not readable on Outlook

Brian DeRocher brian.derocher at mitretek.org
Fri Aug 17 17:19:28 CEST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From brian.derocher mitretek org  2007-08-17 17:19 -------
I just saw similar behavior.  I accepted an invitation to a meeting.  It was added to my calendar.  A reply was sent back to her.

Then i got an email (manual, not automated) from her saying "Yes or No?".  The response on her computer (Outlook), and i saw it too, was empty.  It did have an attachment that was also empty.

Coming back to my desk, i check my sent mail.  It's a little confusing.  It looks like an email.  But its content type is text/calendar; method=reply; charset="utf-8".  It looks like an email with an attachment icon.  The icon is a calendar.  The caption is "Answer: Lunch at LaChoza".  And that "file" is empty.

That's it.  There's no "This user accepts the invitation" type of indicator.

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