Transitions in kdenlive

Mehdi Haghgoo powergame_coder2 at
Sun May 31 17:16:42 BST 2020

I recently installed lightworks on Fedora Linux mainly because I was looking for transitions and thought kdenlive doesn't have them. Soon after I worked a bit with it, I saw it achieves transitions with keyframes. Then I thought that kdenlive also has some effects supporting transitions. Started kdenlive and, yes I was right I could do the same visual transitions with kdenlive. I was happy again with my old open source tool. So no need for commercial proprietary software at least for now. I wanted to thank the Kdenlive community for this amazing software. Also one note. Following a recent email in the list, I think it is relevant that today I realized a website called is abusing Google ads to direct everyone looking for kdenlive to their site. I realized they do the same for a couple of other software. I reported the ad as offering counterfeit product and I hope they remove it soon. Just saying.  

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