Misleading ad by Filmora

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Mon May 18 10:12:55 BST 2020


you're right, this is definitely a misleading advertisement, and it's more than unethical, they are illegal by Googles Ad policy: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6020955?hl=en As a matter of fact, we have just discussed about these ads here on the mailinglist, and I think, it's important that someone approaches Google (or whatever site they appear on) about this.

But this should probably be done by someone from the same country the ads where visible in. Do you think, you could report this ad to Google? https://support.google.com/google-ads/troubleshooter/4578507?hl=en That would be a great help for the project! Otherwise let us know, then we'd need to find someone else who can do it.

Thanks a lot for reporting!


On 17.05.20 18:55, Wong Kok Cheng wrote:
> Dear developer,
> Thanks for your effort in putting up a great software. I was looking for your download website as I am installing kdenlive to a new laptop when I  came across a misleading advertisement which directed me to download another software. I think the owner of the competitor is unethical.
> Here is a screenshot for your reference:
> image.png
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