Bad practices from competitors

Camille Moulin camille.moulin at
Sat May 16 10:07:20 BST 2020

Hi Knomo,

Thanks for bringing that up. Such name abuse is a real problem for many
Open Source projects.
On 16/05/2020 02:57, Knomo Seikei wrote:
> Hi! I found a problem.
> I recommended Kdenlive to a friend because he was looking for an open
> source video-editor alternative. This happened to him: After finishing
> his project and going to export, a pop up asking for money appears
> (!). This was the reason: Filmora appears (on Bing) as an AD but with
> "Kdenlive" name. It happened to me too. We live in Peru btw.
> *Atte.*
> *Knomo Seikei*

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