R: Suggestion: Precision adjustment of audio clips

Massimo Stella maxstar at tin.it
Sun Jul 26 13:53:22 BST 2020

It is not suggested cutting the audio to samples instead of frames during video editing, neverless some applications let users to navigate audio this way, even if this practice can introduce sync issues.
I don't know if MLT is able to manage audio this way.
Anyway, If you really need this feature I invite you to open a request ticket on https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/kdenlive so that the coders can check if this can be something easy to implement or not.
Thanks for your participation to the Kdenlive project and for your suggestions.


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Ogg: Suggestion: Precision adjustment of audio clips

The subject pretty much sums it up. Users should be able to adjust the precise position of their audio in the timeline to fractions of a frame. 

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