No thumbnail in audio Kden live

Vincent Pinon vpinon at
Wed Feb 27 08:13:34 GMT 2019

Le mercredi 27 février 2019, 00:54:34 CET Douglas Pollard a écrit :
> I am getting Error reading audio thumbnail. When I click on Audio thumb 
> nails in Kdenlive in 18.12.1 . I installed Kdenlive  on xubuntu Mint.  
> On another drive Xubuntu studio I was desperate enough to uninstall mint 
> and studio and reinstall both with a knew Kdenlive on each after few 
> hours of editing I lost the thumb nail on both again. Any help would be 
> appreciated thanks.  Douglas Pollard

Hello Douglas,

Sorry for late answer, I think everyone is waiting for someone else to reply :-\
Did you uncheck audio thumbs option (4th icon in bottom-right) ?
Did you try deleting (or moving to backup) your $HOME/.config/kdenliverc and/or kdenlive-appimagerc?
Did you try the AppImage or PPA packages ?
Next time try asking on our telegram room: (soon moving to matrix),
or on our forum:

Good luck


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