Anomalies in animation of titles

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle jb at
Mon May 28 06:37:47 UTC 2018

On 24.05.2018 14:10, Jogchum Reitsma wrote:
> Op 18-05-18 om 20:20 schreef Jogchum Reitsma:
>> Hi,
>> I useĀ  kdenlive-18.04.1-x86_64.AppImage on openSuse Tumbleweed. In 
>> this version, when I make titles, everything is OK, until I decide to 
>> animate the title.
>> Then the colours of background and title font changes to weird 
>> values, as soon as editing is done andĀ  and the title appears in the 
>> overview of titles. Also the rendering of the font becomes very ragged.
>> That behavior remains if I actually use the the clip in the timeline.
>> I have never noticed this before in previous version of kdenlive.
>> A bug?
>> regards, Jogchum Reitsma
> I see no response here - are the dev's monitoring this list? The issue 
> looks like a bug to me...

Hi Jogchum,

We are monitoring the list but very busy. I cannot reproduce your 
problem with the 18.04.1 AppImage. The thing is that there are many ways 
to animate a title. So we would need an exact description of how you try 
to animate it and maybe a screenshot.

Thanks and regards

> regoards, Jogchum

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