Re: Windows, “play” bug with space key

Eugen Mohr eugen.mohr at
Wed Aug 1 11:00:25 BST 2018

I made further tests:

Open Kdenlive 18.04.1d on Windows 7. Load a project. Start playing with 
hit space bar. Stop playing hit space bar again. Then playing works only 
if I hit space bar and the arrow key right.

If the timeline contains 2 clips above each other (on video 1+2) and 
they are connected with a composition playing works more smooth. Even 
after hitting space bar several times starts/stops the video correctly.

After 27 times hitting space and arrow right it appears a time lag 
between 2-3 seconds to react on hitting the space bar or click the play 
button. After this 27 times I can only play with CTRL-SPACE and while 
the video is playing clicking into the timeline to other positions. Or 
while play is off I press constantly the arrow key right for playing. 
And only when play is off I can click the play heat onto a new position.

Am 27.05.2018 um 10:16 schrieb Eugen Mohr:
> Maybe I found the “root cause” of the “play” bug in Windows.
> It has something to do with the Processing Threads in the Environment 
> menu.
> Processing Threads = 1 -> start/stop with space doesn’t work. Frame by 
> frame with the arrow key work. All other key commands work.
> Processing Threads = 2 or bigger -> start/stop with space work! But: 
> frame by frame with the arrow key and all other key commands doesn’t work!
> Maybe something to do with the type of compiling for Windows?
> Merlimau

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