ffmpeg / melt via remote machine

Lars lars-kdenlive at peamx.de
Sun Oct 8 08:28:47 UTC 2017


I'm using kdenlive on my laptop using linux.

On a second machine with I've got more powerful hardware.

I use it for the complete rendering of the project via script at the end.

The second machine has the same nfs-Shares and same kdenlive related 
software installed as the laptop.

Last night I had an idea processing the proxy clips on the remote machine.

This morning I've written two short scripts to do so:

# CURRENTTMP is accessible on both machines via nfs
CURRENTTMP=`grep currenttmpfolder ~/.config/kdenliverc | cut -d"=" -f2 | 
sed "s#/tmp\\\$##"`
cp $1 $TMP_MLT
ssh $REMOTE "/usr/bin/melt $TMP_MLT $@"####

ssh -t videoprocessor "/usr/bin/ffmpeg $@"

In kdenlive I switched the settings for "FFmpeg" and "Melt path" to the 
new scripts.

This is working BUT it shows an error after generating the proxy clips.

This means the proxy clips are generated and the scripts are exiting 
with returncode 0.

If I schedule to generate proxy clips again they are directly found.

Anyone who can guide me to prevent the error?

Kind regards,


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