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Thu Oct 5 19:05:05 UTC 2017

KDE used to avoid web tools, but this question is now in discussion.
IMHO we don't have to wait for the whole community for the start, and begin with weblate ; be would align when there will be a common setup.
Thanks Farid for pushing things forward!

Le jeudi 5 octobre 2017, 12:46:51 CEST farid abdelnour a écrit :

We have the multilang system installed thanks to the KDE sysadmins. 

Now we have to decide if we choose Weblate, Pootle or see if KDE provides easy and acessible tool for the community to help with the translations. 


2017-10-03 16:29 GMT-03:00 vincent <vincent at[1]>:

I volunteer for the Dutch part, if nobody took that job yet.

Op 03-10-17 om 20:50 schreef Jean-Baptiste Mardelle:

On 03.10.2017 18:59, farid abdelnour wrote:

Hi Farid,

giving continuity from yesterday's café demand, we have an option to use a wordpress plugin called polylang. this is the same that[2] uses and imho it is the best free alternative out there. would you like to give it a look and see if it meets your demands? 

Thanks for these infos. it seems perfect.

i can see with the brazilian community to translate the static content and the toolbox section with time if this goes forward. others can do the same as well. :) 

Yes excellent. I will pass the info to interested french people as soon as the install is done. We can exchange privately to discuss the install procedure.



-- met vriendelijke groet,

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