Camtasia Editing Method

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response. I'll give this a try shortly.

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> Hi Andrew,
> off my head it should work in Kdenlive as follows, see also
> ui-advanced-editing-timeline.html; yeah, I need to migrate such stuff to
> some day.
> 1. set in and out points in timeline using the I and O shortcuts; the
> so-called region.
> 2. Ctrl+space plays only the region.
> 3. Shift+X removes the region, moving trailing stuff to fill the gap.
> Best regards,
> Harald
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> Betreff: Camtasia Editing Method
> Hi everyone,
> Is there a way to edit in the way Camtasia works? I find it highly
> efficient.
> Basically, the timeline selector has two drag-able handles on either side,
> allowing you to select a piece of track. Hitting the spacebar plays that
> selection to verify you have the correct stuff you want to remove. Then
> CTRL+X to cut it out. The timeline then snaps flush together to make it
> seamless.
> It really limits the amount of clicking involved and I find I can edit
> lots of mistakes out of a screencast very quickly.
> There is a short video of this under "Cut out Mistakes" here:
> If anyone knows how to do this in kdenlive, I would appreciate it.
> ---
> Andrew Crouthamel
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