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Massimo Stella maxstar at tin.it
Mon May 1 13:23:56 UTC 2017

Hi everybody.
I was busy this morning. Sorry. I just tried to look for you on IRC but I found nobody online.
Let me know if you'll meet again soon.


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Hello Farid,
Thanks for your reports and it's great to have Kdenlive
      represented there!
I will try to be on IRC whenever possible, but the hours may not
      be the best for you... I will mail you but I can probably be there
      between 8am and 8.45am and from 2pm to 4pm.
See you!

    Le 01.05.17 à 05:02, farid abdelnour a
      écrit :

      Will be at it starting around 9am (gmt -3). Ping me
        or send an email.

        Em 30/04/2017 08:16, "Massimo Stella"
          <maxstar at tin.it>
          Ok. It
            sounds good.

            Let me know which time fits better for you so we'll find a
            way to do it.



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            ciao massimo


                2017-04-29 8:56 GMT-03:00
                  Massimo Stella <maxstar at tin.it>:


                    Is there a way I can help you?


                  sure, we can meet at irc and think of something,
                    i was thinking of writing a toolbox article 

                  about luts. also we can write some guidelines for
                    the roadmap, an article about what is coming, etc...


                  see u! :D


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                            will be at lakademy on monday talking about
                            kdenlive, will spend the whole day. might
                            write a toolbox article and do some site
                            stuff but also hopefully i'll find some qml
                            people and get them interested in
                            collaborating. will anyone be on irc?




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