[kdenlive] Monthly (or even weekly?) IRC café

Sebastian sebix at sebix.at
Wed Oct 28 08:09:33 UTC 2015


+1 for the idea!

On 10/28/2015 07:55 AM, Vincent Pinon wrote:
> Detail point: to organize the meeting, I now advocate for framadate.org,
> Doodle alternative offered by a French association in its quest to provide
> open alternatives to common online services, see with a translator:
> https://degooglisons-internet.org/
> I haven't looked for English equivalent,
This doodle alternative is available in many languages:


> and maybe it could be cool to have this additional service on KDE infra
> (or maybe there is already a poll system)?
> See you at Kdenlive Café #1 :)
> Vincent.
> Le jeudi 22 octobre 2015, 13:28:04 Mario Fux a écrit :
>> Morning kdenlive people
>> I've a short proposal:
>> What about doing a monthly (or even weekly?) IRC meeting called something like 
>> "Kdenlive office hours" or "Kdenlive Café" where we meet and at least one of 
>> the most active developers will participate.
>> We could announce this in advance and people could then come and ask 
>> questions, talk about bugs, help each other, talks about new feature or triage 
>> some bugs together?
>> Would do you think? In particular jb and vincent ;-). I'd volunteer to 
>> organize it (Doodle, blog (announce it: will I get Kdenlive blog access ?;-), 
>> structure the meetings...
>> griits
>> Mario
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