[kdenlive] Development news - may 2015

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Mon May 18 18:03:38 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Yesterday, I merged the frameworks branch into master. All development - apart 
from big refactorings - will now happen in master.

The code in master will be released in august as Kdenlive 15.08.0 as part of 
KDE Applications 15.08.0

The most important changes are:

* refactoring of several parts of the core code
* drop SDL for video display - use OpenGL by default like Shotcut video editor
* New file format. Kdenlive 15.08.0 can open old project files but old 
Kdenlive versions cannot open new projects.
* Project bin view can be changed from tree view to icon view and can be 
* Add effects to bin clips
* New "Compare effect" feature in clip monitor allowing to split screen to 
preview an effect
* New Colorwheel UI for color adjustments
* Movit GPU processing is back for display and effects, but currently requires 
MLT's rtaudio module since sdl_audio crashes in MLT with Movit
* New "force monitor size" feature allowing to lock monitor size to 50% or 
100% of profile size
* Improved compatibility with different color themes
* Improved compatibility with highdpi displays
* Compiles on Mac (at least on build.kde.org) - no idea if it also runs

Known regressions:

* Video capture, stopmotion and decklink export not implemented yet (I hope to 
fix this before release)
* Editing clip properties is very limited (should also be fixed in the next 
* MLT playlists / Kdenlive projects as clips not really tested

Packagers interested in providing "development" versions of Kdenlive should 
use the master branch from now on, while the "Applications/15.04" branch is 
the stable fixes only repository.

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

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